For Schools and Their Communities

We offer comprehensive school-community relationship services intended to strengthen the school and the community’s support for the school.   We do this because schools need the support of their communities to succeed in their mission of educating young people to prepare them to live rewarding and successful lives.

Through our school-community relationship coordination services, Delaware Valley Fairness Project brings financial and human resources to each school we serve, and, through the school, to its community.   We work closely with a school’s leadership, particularly its Principal, to understand a school’s needs  –   and the needs of the communities that can be met through the school  –   and assist in securing and coordinating third-party programs that address those very needs. We plan and oversee community events at the school that celebrate student success and provide support to the school families and neighbors.   Our goal is to make each school a valued information and learning hub not just for its students, but for everyone in its community.      

All our services are donor-supported and provided without charge to the school or the community.  For more information about our school-community services, please contact