Urgent School Needs

Delaware Valley Fairness Project accepts donations not only for ourselves, but also for each of the schools for which we administer Partners Funds.  Partners Funds are school-specific repositories of donations to Delaware Valley Fairness Project for a named school.  A Partners Fund is a source of funds available to the school principal to meet any need.

The schools for which we now administer Partners Funds are:

Mitchell Elementary School, Philadelphia

Moffet Elementary School, Philadelphia

Elkin Elementary School, Philadelphia

Overbrook Educational Center

Penrose Elementary School, Philadelphia

At times, one or more of our partner schools campaigns to meet a  special need.  Current special needs are:

  • Mitchell Elementary is raising money for  its Peaceful Conflict Resolution initiative.   The Mitchell Class of 2018 is fighting to change stereotypes.  Each student has pledged to solve conflict peacefully by not engaging in physical altercations.  As of December 4, 2017 the school was on day 44 of peace.  Each of the 33 students in the Class of 2018  who reaches their goal will receive $100 as they walk the stage to receive their diploma.
  • Moffet Elementary used this past Giving Tuesday to launch an appeal for Smart Boards.   They have made a brief video seeking support. Please take a few minutes to watch their video, below.

To make a donation to one of  these schools, please insert the name of the school in the “Special Instructions” text box.  All donations made to a school are reported to the school. Schools receive 100% of the amount donated as Delaware Valley Fairness Project makes no charge for this service.