Referring Partners

Referring partners are those nonprofit organizations, governmental agencies, schools, churches, hospitals and other philanthropic groups that refer to us individuals and families in sudden need of assistance not available elsewhere. A referring entity must transmit to us, on its entity letterhead, a referral. The referral must include:

  • The name and address of the referring entity;
  • The type of entity it is (e.g., church, nonprofit charity, state human services agency);
  • The email address and telephone number of the agency;
  • The name and title of the person making the referral;
  • The name, address (if any), and contact information for the referred individual or family;
  • The specific need with information as to the reason for or cause of the need.

Referrals should be transmitted by email to Once we have verified the existence of the organization and the legitimacy of the referral, we contact the referred individual or family and move forward with assistance to the extent of our ability to do so.