Applicant Representations

An applicant, by submitting an application, affirms that:

  • He or she is authorized to submit the application;
  • Supplies, or funds to purchase them, will be used exclusively for the purposes stated;
  • Documentation of the use of the supplies or funds (receipts required) will be submitted to DVFP within 30 days of use;
  • All non-consumable products will be the property of the school;
  • DVFP retains the right to recover all supplies or funds used other than for the purposes indicated in the application;
  • Applicant gives DVFP permission to use applicant’s name and photo, the name of the school, the type or amount of assistance provided and the use made of these supplies or funds on its website and in promotional materials;
  • Applicant will assist DVFP in obtaining from the parents or guardians of applicant’s students releases authorizing use of student photos on its website and in promotional materials;
  • All representations made in the application are true and correct.