All schools, public and private, serving any grade between K and Grade 12, and all teachers in such schools are eligible to apply.

Classroom-Based Programs and Projects: This fall term we are accepting applications for supplies and financial support  for creative classroom-based programs or projects  (may include out-of-classroom components)  with a defined educational objective from K-12 teachers and administrators serving economically and/or socially disadvantaged students in the following counties:  Philadelphia, Delaware, Montgomery, Bucks, Chester, Pennsylvania; and Camden, New Jersey.    The program or project must be undertaken and completed prior to the end of the current school-year.   While applicants may request support for projects in any subject area, we are particularly interested in projects that include some attention to critical life skills such as money and finance, health and wellness, care for our planet, and interacting with others without anger and violence.   Deadline: Applications may be submitted at any time through March 31, 2017.   Note, however, that applications are reviewed periodically throughout the application period and awards made only for as long as funds remain available. 

Non-Classroom-Based Programs and Projects:  We are also accepting applications for support of programs and projects that engage students outside the classroom, foster self-esteem, and complement learning in the classroom.  The nature of the activities we will consider is limited only by the creativity of the applicant.  Typical of the activities we envision supporting are science fairs,  art creation and art exhibitions, public speaking programs, “child + parent or guardian learning tables,”  essay competitions.  The deadline for submission of applications is October 21.

Applications must conform to the following guidelines:

  • Applications for supplies or funds to support a classroom-based program may not exceed $500.
  • Applications for supplies or funds to support a non-classroom-based program may exceed $500, but will only be funded in an amount greater than $500 in exceptional cases.
  • Applicants should identify means and products of reasonable cost to meet the need for which they are sought, taking into account the functionality and durability of competing brands. If a particular brand is required, applicants should state why that brand is required.
  • Applicants should identify the project, event or specific educational goal for which supplies or funds are requested. A general request for supplies for ‘classroom work’ is not likely to be granted.