Support Organizations for Schools

DVFP is launching an initiative to build one or more collaborative support organizations for distressed schools serving distressed neighborhoods.   Such schools do not have the time or staff to undertake organized fundraising and do not benefit from having well-heeled PTOs or Home-School Associations or prosperous neighboring businesses able to provide resources the school lacks.

In association with select partner-schools, DVFP will bring together and serve as coordinator of a coalition of nonprofits, businesses and individuals with an interest in supporting an individual school.  The mission of the coalition is to bring to bear its collective resources in a structured way to meet the specific high-priority needs identified by the school. Recognizing that some school needs may well arise outside the school itself, the longer-term goal is to build a school-community association with self-sustaining ability to support at least some school needs.

If you are a school, business, nonprofit organization or an individual with an interest in participating in such an initiative, please contact us at