Quilting, Gardening, Reading and Running and Walking in Style in Camden

Yorkship Family School in the Fairview section of Camden is our New Jersey Founding Partner School. Thanks to efforts of DVFP’s good friends, Laura and Jose Sanchez, DVFP was introduced to Yorkship and able to connect with Sue Bowen, who teaches 4th grade at the school. Sue in turn introduced DVFP to Tracey Reed-Thompson, the Principal, and Tia McIntosh, Yorkship’s Lead Teacher, both of whom enthusiastically agreed to have Yorkship collaborate with DVFP in our Educator Assistance Pilot Program.

Yorkship teachers and staff submitted thirteen applications for assistance to DVFP just before Easter. Nine days after Easter, DVFP’s president, Ed Riehl, presented fulfillment awards in varying degrees for all thirteen projects. As we found at Mitchell Elementary School in Philadelphia, so too at Yorkship were the teacher requests both creative and varied. With support from DVFP, Yorkship will undertake a school-wide quilting project to build community; plant a sustainable vegetable garden; acquire a K-8th Grade guided-reading library; and outfit 20 middle-school students with track and field suits. In addition, thirty-four middle-schoolers will soon be wearing DVFP-provided Fit Bits and, with associated workbook assignments, developing wellness and healthy lifestyle behaviors.9zz. Yorkship - track meet (060116)

Congratulations to our Camden pilot project partner school, Ms. Reed-Thompson and Ms. McIntosh, and
Yorkship’s teachers: Karen Rojas, Eileen Anderson, Linda Brown-Bartlett, Sue Bowen, Nancy DiBattista, Courtney Gray, Helena Savage, Patrica Sheehan and Joe Williams. You’re doing good things for the youth of Camden!

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