At Delaware Valley Fairness Project, we offer 3 levels of services: Tier 1 Partnership Services, Tier 2 Partnership Services, and Tier 3 Support Services.



This is a comprehensive program offering school-community services. At this tier, DVFP human and financial resources are brought and used for the internal needs of the school and, through the school, for the needs of its immediate community.

Services to Meet Internal School Needs
  • We work with school leadership to identify school needs and secure for the school the programs and service providers best able to address those needs. We then manage all aspects of “activating” the programs at a school. A DVFP staff member is placed part-time in the school to aid in this work.
  • We provide material and financial resources to supplement the school’s budget, as well as establish and stock a food and toiletry pantry in the school (if the principal identifies this as a need). This Kids’ Choice pantry allows students, with guidance, to individually choose items needed for themselves and their families.
  • DVFP also establishes a Partners Fund for each of our schools and raises money for the school. This fund is unrestricted and available for use only by the school principal. We make no charge for maintaining the Partners Fund: 100% of money donated to the fund goes to the school. 
 Services to Meet Needs of Immediate Community
  • Starting with the school and working also with the Family and Community Engagement (FACE) Coordinator and community “influencers,” DVFP compiles a list of needs that the school is able to meet in some way. We map resource providers in the community, then link the most valuable to the school as community service partners.
  • We collaborate with the PTO/HSA/SAC to sponsor small monthly get-togethers for families and to reach out to families who are not active in any PTO/HSA/SAC matters.
  • We serve as the marketing/communications arm of the school, creating flyers and posters, writing newspaper stories, and promote the schools we support on our website and in our newsletter. 



  • Through this program, we provide the same services as we do to Tier 1 Partner Schools, but we do not provide DVFP people. We provide financial and material resources, to the extent that we are able, to allow a school or teacher to undertake a project or obtain a program to meet an unmet need at the school.



  • At this tier, DVFP offers Support Services for Teacher and Extra-Curricular Programs.
  • These services are available to teachers and schools in the greater Philadelphia-Camden region on an as needed basis through our Education Assistance Program.