One-third of the students at Overbrook Educational Center in west Philadelphia are visually impaired or blind. They come from all over the city to take advantage of OEC’s programs for blind and visually impaired students and to study, learn and play with sighted students. There is no other public school in Philadelphia with as large a number of blind and visually impaired students.

One of the basic tools used in teaching these students is the braille writer. Braille is a code in which blind and students with poor vision read and write. The braille writer is one of the most common ways of producing braille text.

Braille writers break down at times and repairs need to be made. Mr. Tom Woodman, OEC’s braille writing instructor, came to Delaware Valley Fairness Project for help in getting a number of braille writers repaired. This month, ten braille writers will be back in service – ten times the number he now has in his room.

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