Adult Education

Delaware Valley Fairness Project is paying adult family members of students to gain life skills. Those accepted into the program and who participate actively will receive a $15 per hour stipend for the hours spent in our life-skills workshops.

What We Teach

The Delaware Valley Adult Education Program gives participants the skills to help themselves as well as to help their children become better students. Recognizing that the challenges of being a parent or guardian of one of more children often overwhelm adults and can result in impulsive, reactive behavior, this program helps adults get more control over their lives and learn behaviors that lead to success both at home and in the workplace.

The program will help you:
• Improve your ability to manage stress and be a calm person
• Learn how to listen, and to focus and concentrate on what matters
• Reduce your impulsiveness – control your reactions
• Gain conflict resolution skills – with friends, neighbors, and your family
• Increase your understanding of others
• Gain money management skills for those on a limited budget
• Learn how to improve your chances of getting a good job
• Learn how to improve your family’s health and wellbeing

How the Program is Structured

There are two ways in which to participate.

We offer a 10-week series of workshops for those interested in gaining maximum benefit from this education program. Workshops take place at selected schools 1 morning per week for 3 hours for 10 weeks. Participants must agree to participate for 3 hours for the entire 10-week program.

For the Fall 2019 term, the 10-week program will be offered at Mitchell Elementary School and Woodrow Wilson Middle School.

We also offer Individual workshops on topics of particular interest to families of students. Most workshops are one-hour in length. These workshops are held at several schools in the Philadelphia region. When a workshop is scheduled, information about that workshop will be available both on this website and at the school in which the workshops is being held.

Applications and additional information can be obtained by sending an email to