The small investment we made in the Overbrook Educational Center’s soccer program paid big results.  A team that at the beginning of the school year did not have enough soccer balls for practice or funds to attend tournaments finished second in the tournaments  –  a tremendous achievement.

So why did a few soccer balls, some jerseys and shin guards matter so much?  The answer is in what an eighth grader wrote in a note he sent us, “The gear that you provided us with made me feel happy and professional.”   It’s the feeling of dignity and respect that caused the players to play “professionally,” achieve success and feel still greater self-esteem and self-confidence.

This is the second time DVFP has provided uniforms and equipment for a school sports program.  Last spring we provided the uniforms for Yorkship’s track team.  The results in both cases demonstrate that by giving all young people a chance to “feel professional,” we’re giving them a hand up in their effort to become “professional” in some way later in life.  A small step forward on the road to lifelong success.

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