school Assistance

Projects and Programs DVFP Supports

Delaware Valley Fairness Project assists partner schools by providing resources for projects or activities that cannot be funded through the school’s budget. We are particularly interested in supporting projects that improve a school’s climate, foster a positive learning environment, focus on core academics, or support the social-emotional well-being of students.

What We Do Not Fund

We do not fund equipment requests, such as printers, computers, or general classroom supplies. We also do not fund staff incentives. Please use the Teacher Assistance form, not the School Assistance form, for classroom-specific projects or activities.

Who May Apply

Only the Principal of one of our partner schools may apply for assistance.

Application Deadlines

Applications may be submitted each school year between October 1 and March 31 but are funded only until all funds are disbursed. Decisions on applications are made at least once per month. Preference is given to applicants who have not received an award during the current school-year and projects or activities that cannot be funded through another source.

Application Guidelines

  • Our intent is to provide up to $1000 per approved application.  Applications may exceed $1000, but will only be funded in full in exceptional cases with a strong justification.
  • Applicants must provide the total amount being requested and line-item (item by item) cost data noting the source of the cost.
  • Applicants should not request supplies or funding for projects that do not meet one of the criteria stated in the paragraph entitled Projects and Programs DVFP Supports.
  • Documentation of the use of the supplies or funds (including receipts) is required within 30 days of use.
  • We retain the right to recover all supplies or funds not used for the purposes stated in the application.
  • All non-consumable products will be the property of the school.
  • Applicant gives us permission to use applicant’s name and photo, the name of the school, the type or amount of assistance provided and the use made of these supplies or funds on our website and in promotional materials.
Apply for School Assistance
Please describe what this award will support. Include any relevant information as to why the school needs or is prioritizing the particular activity, project, or supplies that you are requesting.
We support projects or activities that cannot be funded by the school's budget and for which it would be difficult to secure other funding. We are particularly interested in supporting innovative teaching and learning experiences, the social-emotional well-being of students, enhanced school climate, and sustainable family engagement.
Please include who will use the requested supplies or services and how they relate to the project or activity.
Feel free to include any additional information about the school community or project that would be useful to know.
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