How You Can Support Teachers

Delaware Valley Fairness Project provides resources to teachers for innovative projects that build needed skills, broaden student experiences or foster social-emotional and character development.  We concentrate on schools serving children most affected by poverty, populations that do not have the financial means to provide support to under-resourced neighborhood schools.

Our belief is that teachers should not have to be fundraisers.  They should not have to do anything more than tell us what they need, why and how their need meets our basic standards.  Unlike organizations that provide platforms to allow teachers to raise funds for classroom projects and often take months before the money is available if fundraising is successful, we provide the funds to teachers upfront and take on the responsibility for raising funds ourselves.   Projects we support happen when they should, not many months in the future, if at all.

DVFP’s funds are not unlimited.  Having invested tens of thousands of dollars in teacher projects in under-resourced schools serving low-income communities in Philadelphia and the region, we count on donations from the public.  Anyone can join in our effort.  We welcome unrestricted donations and donations in support of specific subject areas (e.g., science, reading).   


Some of the Programs We Have Enabled


  • Music, Special Ed.: Music Therapy program for Special Education students
  • Theater, Special Ed.: Theater Arts program for Special Education students
  • Theater: school trips to local university theater programs
  • Support for a middle-school outdoor classroom
  • Field Trips to Wissahickon Environmental Center
  • Funding for school gardens


  • Fitness: Funding for fitness training for K-8 students
  • Fitness, Self-Discipline: Karate training for elementary school students
  • Soccer and volleyball equipment for multiple schools
  • Sport uniforms for multiple schools


  • Reading: Materials to construct first-grade Reading Boats
  • Reading: An escape room experience of “Lord of the Flies” for middle school students reading the novel
  • Writing: Funding for in-school and after-school creative writing programs
  • Literacy: Books for leveled literacy programs in multiple schools
  • Literacy: Graphic novels for a middle school classroom


  • Soccer, dance and hula-hoops mobility training programs
  • Leadership, Team-Building: Financial support for middle school outward-bound experiences
  • Social-Emotional Behavior:  Books, games and supplies to assist troubled students in multiple schools
  • Funding for the start-up of school stores
  • Funding for school trips to visit suburban college campuses
  • Science, Gardens: Materials and supplies for student-tended school gardens
  • Robotics: Robots and related materials for K-8 STEM programs in multiple schools
  • Science: Science lab kits for fifth-graders
  • Life Science: A bird sanctuary to be built, maintained and studied by middle school science students
  • Life Science: Aquariums, fish, axolotls and picture books for kindergarten life science and care for the planet programs
  • Math: Materials to construct a physical ‘learn-by-experiencing’ math room for 1st graders
  • Makerspace Rooms: materials and funds to start or enhance makerspace rooms

Some of the Schools in Which We Have Enabled Projects

  • Mitchell Elementary School
  • Overbrook Educational Center
  • Penrose Elementary School
  • Welsh Elementary School
  • Moffet Elementary School
  • Elkin Elementary School
  • Castor Gardens (formerly Woodrow Wilson) Middle School
  • Baldi Middle School
  • Roxborough High School
  • Samuel Fels High School
  • Crossroads Accelerated Academy
  • Lamberton Elementary School
  • Munoz-Marin Elementary School
  • Stewart Middle School
  • Edison High School
  • Yorkship Family School
  • Girard Elementary School
  • Overbrook High School
  • Richmond School
  • Shawmont School
  • Webster Elementary School
  • Locke Elementary School
  • Julia de Burgos School
  • Grover Washington Middle Schl
  • Hartranft Elementary School
  • Jay Cooke Elementary School
  • Kirkbride Elementary School
  • Henry Elementary School
  • The U School
  • Thomas Holme Elementary School
  • James Sullivan School
  • John B. Kelly School
  • Thomas Finletter School
  • James J. Sullivan School
  • Philip Kearny School
  • George Childs School

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