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Our mission is to make life a little more fair for people – especially children – most affected by poverty. Click to read more about DVFP.

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If you have an interest in our mission and some time to share with us, we have a role for you!

Grant Writers

We are looking for a few people who can help us identify potential grant opportunities and write grant applications to secure funds. Most of the work can be done from your home.

Social Media Assistant

If you have both the time and the skill to help us keep current our website, Facebook page and other social media accounts by posting new and interesting content and photos, we would love to have you as a volunteer. Most of the work can be done from your home.

Food Pantry Volunteers

Food pantry volunteers are needed for a number of roles. We would welcome those interested in picking up food and personal care donations; sorting and storing donated items in our fulfillment center; packing food for delivery to the families of students in need; delivering food to families. Hours are flexible.


Our organization relies on the generosity of people like you.
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