Ms. Phelan (Overbook Educational Center) told her class, “If we got new books, raise your hand if you would treat them like treasures.” Every hand in the room shot up!

“If we got those books, raise your hand if you would read them every day.”

All hands shot up again!

When she told her class they would be receiving brand new, shiny books with beautiful, colorful pictures, the room erupted in cheers: “Yay!!!”

The young readers are so excited to get their new books. We are proud to support Ms. Phelan and her students in their reading journey!

Ms. Yacker, of Roxborough High School, took her students to visit West Chester University and see the Sophocles play Antigone in order to compare and contrast how experiences and understandings differ between reading a play and watching a play on stage in real-time. The students also had the special opportunity of touring the campus. The trip was “amazing!”



Mr. Getzik’s class from Robert E. Lamberton are reading a series of novels focused on building social-emotional skills. They are also using journals to write out their emotions so that they can work together to solve social and emotional issues as a classroom community. Through the books and journal projects, students are working on growth mindset, conflict resolution, leadership, social awareness, responsible decision making, and anger management strategies.

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