In the first eight months of our existence, Delaware Valley Fairness Project invested over $20,000 in 48 projects in 9 schools in the greater Philadelphia-Camden region. We have supported student vegetable gardens, class trips, student book writing and publishing projects, soccer for the visually impaired and ESL classes. We have provided technology tools, organizational materials, track uniforms, and library books for special education students. We have enabled art programs, leadership programs, dance programs, science labs, fitness programs, and helped by providing materials for reading, writing and math education. These are small successes that contribute to the improved education of students from economically disadvantaged areas or students who themselves are socially disadvantaged for one reason or another.

The real success, though, is that of the teachers and principals who have taken advantage of what Delaware Valley Fairness Project offers. These are the people who lead the children and stand as role models every day. They are the ones who go the extra mile, push themselves a little harder, and care for their students. When Delaware Valley Fairness Project backs a project, it backs the person who envisioned and will execute the project. We invest our resources, they invest themselves.

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