Food Pantry Program

Families We Serve

The Delaware Valley Fairness Project Pantry provides supplemental food and basic hygiene items to
those families of children who have been referred to us by one of our premier partner schools. Our
mission is to make sure that children in those schools have proper nutrition and good personal hygiene
so that they attend school regularly and can focus on learning while there. Families in need of food
and personal care items should contact the school their child attends.


How to Register

Families wishing to receive food and hygiene items from our pantry should contact the school and ask
that the school refer them to us. The family then may register online by clicking on “Pantry Program,”
then clicking “Register for the Pantry,” entering the required information and clicking “Submit


How to Request Food and/or Hygiene Items

To request food or hygiene items, click on “Pantry Program” and then “Order Food.” Click on each item
requested, and then click “Submit Order.” We will notify you by telephone of the day and time your
order will arrive. PLEASE NOTE: you may request one item per category once per week. We reserve the
right to make substitutions when an item you chose is not available. For example, if you select “Corn” as
your preferred vegetable and we do not have any in stock, we will deliver another canned vegetable such
as “Green Beans.”

For additional information, please send an email to