Schools cannot do it alone.  Good teachers and good administrators are vital to the development of well-rounded, self-confident young adults, but by themselves they cannot overcome all of the challenges that disadvantaged youth carry within them.   They need help to meet all of the needs that these students bring to school every day.

That is why Delaware Valley Fairness Project works to build partnerships for schools, to engage families in the education of their children, and to secure resources for under-resourced schools.   It is why we also call attention to solid partnerships, invest in family engagement programs, and provide materials and funds to support teachers who give of themselves and their own resources for their students.

The young people working on the tree in the photo accompanying this Success Story are some of those benefiting from Mitchell Elementary’s relationship with Chadds Ford Elementary, two schools whose students normally would not cross paths.  The tree was drawn by the art teacher at Chadds Ford to serve as a connection between the children in the two schools.  Chadds Ford students made leaves for the tree with messages from them to the children at Mitchell.   Mitchell students, like those in the picture, read the messages and then made leaves of their own to attach to the tree of friendship.   First-graders in each school are now exchanging friendship journals helping each to understand the other better.  The schools are also discussing a visit by Chadds Ford students to Mitchell for a date this spring.    The students are learning that despite the difference in their circumstances, they can have respect for and care about each other.


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