It has been almost twelve month since Delaware Valley Fairness Project sponsored the first after-school Karate program at Mitchell.  This fall, we agreed to provide funds to Penrose Elementary so that it, too, could have a Karate club.  The programs at both schools are unqualified successes.

Greg Slaughter of Golden Armor Karate instructs both groups.  Greg is no slouch and tolerates no nonsense from his young charges whether during or outside of lesson time.  He has dismissed students from sessions when they cannot make themselves behave and insisted that they perform moves and exercises properly.

And the kids love it  –  boys and girls.   Most hate to miss a session, and many who started at Mitchell last spring returned for the second course this fall.

The program instills in the young people a sense of self-confidence and personal pride.  The self-discipline they learn carries over to the classroom where the behavior of some has radically improved.   Delaware Valley Fairness Project has seen the befit of programs such as Karate and so this spring will be supporting a new Fitness program at Penrose as well.

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