They’re FUN! And they’re educational too! Philadelphia students have had several exciting learning experiences this fall and we want to tell you more about them.


Students from Overbrook Educational Center experienced a life-changing Outward Bound Expedition. A group of 7th and 8th graders hiked more than 20 miles on the Appalachian Trail in northern New Jersey this fall. They challenged themselves and took giant leaps outside of their comfort zones.

One student, Javier, reflected on his experience stating, “I learned something more about myself, that if I put my power and mind into something different, I can do it. I also learned that if something is hard…this doesn’t mean it is impossible. It just means it is a little challenging to do, but can be accomplished.”

Another student, Heaven-lee shared about her experience: “The long days and nights made me realize that I can do whatever I put my mind to. While backpacking, I gained a strong bond with my peers. I also learned more about myself and the others that I was with…this expedition was one of the most memorable and exciting trips and expedition that I had ever gone on.”


The young gardeners of Ms. Mole’s class at General Philip Kearny School are looking forward to gardening all year round with their new aquasprouts garden. The indoor school garden will provide the students with a hands-on learning in the areas of natural and social science, math, language arts and food nutrition. In addition, the garden will provide a safe space for the students to relax and decompress when they are having a challenging day.



The fourth graders of Moffet Elementary School had an exciting day on the first stop of their History Hunter’s journey. Through the History Hunters program students get to explore history in their own backyard. They gain field experience by investigating and exploring five different museums that have had a significant impact on the history of Pennsylvania and the area they live in. On this day they visited the Stenton House and learned all about James Logan!





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